About Us

We think and act like colleagues.

Paraskeve is one of the leading service providers and outsourcing companies in the discipline of financial offering and Accounting. We offer support services in accounting, legal, publishing, and back-office assistance with a tremendous level of client satisfaction.

Paraskeve – Building Milestone: It is guarded by a string of superior intelligence and experts within diverse domains and later emerged as international Service suppliers within the year 2020.

Why We Over Others
In Paraskeve, focus means placing our Client's needs first. We have a customer-focused environment that enables us to nurture a company culture dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong customer relationships. Paraskeve allows you to focus more on your core business by taking ownership of managing Book-keeping and other services that takes time or energy and can be outsourced.


With Paraskeve, be assured of extensive control over operations and procedures. We follow the international standard and practices to work remotely using the offshore delivery center model. We read your data and execute the accounting or other processes remotely. Entry to our delivery centers is restricted to authorized staff only. All entries/exits monitored (through biometric devices), which are observed and recorded. We connect to your network/systems through a point-to-point virtual private network using an encrypted data tunnel. We mask all user ids and passwords you provide in encrypted tools executable (without being read) by authorized employees through approved workstations in our network.


We engage skilled experts at your disposal to handle all aspects of work. Plan accounts that are accurate, reliable, and compliant with appropriate accounting standards. We identify, measure, and provide continuous improvement to all service level metrics which result in faster processing with absolute precision. Employees use Knowledge Management Systems to share learning and solutions. We emphasize more on training and on the retention of trained resources. We have sufficient team size for good coordination.


In Paraskeve, we understand the importance of technology, and therefore we have developed our processes and policy with cutting edge technology to provide you advantages without any additional expense of time and money. We perform an investigation of all errors and delays and also provide root cause analysis by leveraging technology to the maximum and by automating processes


We value our customer capital and to thrust the benefits of collaborating with us, we provide a fixed fee policy. It will increase transparency and less complication managing budget and also avoid additional variable cost popping up. The advantages we offer will be to reduce working costs, handle more business, and increase profitability.


One significant perk of outsourcing digital work to overseas is the substantial differences you might encounter in terms of time zones and holidays. Although this can profess an initial hurdle logistically, once fixed then it can effectively mean your business is running even while you’re fast asleep. It will enable more time to focus on the core competencies


Paraskeve is one of the leading service providers and outsourcing companies in the discipline of financial offering and Accounting.

Our Vision

To be one of the most preferred support services to the business and service industry through our expert advisory, intelligent execution and consistent application of innovative strategies and professional skills which would assist the Clients in achieving its goals.

Our Mission

To adopt best global practices and optimize business operations through digital technology, thereby assisting us in achieving our goals. To become the support pillar and to provide integrated solutions for all the business and management needs.

We help Businesses achieve benchmark

We provide exceptional services that are not only practiced but also provide the statistic supported by numbers. We follow high standard and processes to achieve below statistics:
Customer trust is paramount to us and We believe to gain this by delivering high quality work and services with our expertise.
Team Paraskeve